Bio scetch

From earliest memory my desire has been to know the truth of things about this strange world I found myself in and my earliest pleasures were in drawing and carving from wood, things in the world which captured my attention by my affection for them, my earliest memory of that being my black cat, Cindy, and what seemed a kind of magic, I call it now, but it was I think, simply fascinated and delighted, by the fact that pushing black ink around on a piece of paper, made shapes which remarked of Cindy, standing, sitting or cleaning her face.

That same basic impulse has followed me through life, with a prolonged happy, but too narrow, excursion into math and physics, and the pleasantness I knew then as periods of time free of the encroachments and demands of the outer world, parental authority, then was happy to leave me to my own devices until the worldly demands of chores imposed on that reverie, "cut the grass, do homework" then, and later, get a job, provide food and clothing for myself and those entrusted to my care.

But I think all of that as pretty much the same gambit and pretty much the same for anyone of we human beings, that is, to reconcile our spiritual nature with our corporeal life, and art, unlike meditation or private revelation, is realized by the spirit of one to the universal spirit consciousness of all, call it what you may, I call it God, by pushing corporeal, material stuff, whether ink, colored muds, dance, sounds or words, into configurations intelligible, speaking to the spirit, one soul communicating with another about the universal truth and beauty, Max Plank, the renowned physicist called "a vast intelligence" holding the whole thing together. But of endless mystery and intrigue, and so too, does art contain a certain element of mystery and intrigue, and in short if one gets it, it gets one, get it?

George Goyer - December 2020


  • Date of birth:
  • April 14, 1937 - Los Angeles County, California

  • K-12
  • L. A . City School District
  • College
  • Occidental College 1956-7 L.A.-,L. A.
    Physics-pre Engineering Math
    City College summer school '56
    Pasadena City College 1958
    University of California at Santa Barbara, 1957-9
    Physics and Math Major--UCSB - 1959-'61 Art & Humanities, theater
  • Employment
  • Illustration, Clary Corp. Summers '55 - '56 Illustration, Douglas Aircraft, El Segundo 1958
    Art class model: 1961 UCSB
    Studio Assistant: to Rico Lebrun, 1961-'64
    1964-'66 Built and ran my own art foundry, Goyfounco. and was mural assistant to Howard Warshaw @ UCSD & UCLA
    1966- '68 Partnered with Onno de Ruijter to develop San Francisco Art Foundry Inc
  • Self
  • Worked on my own expressions in sculpture, drawing and painting, while also doing art related freelance work, including custom car and boat building, for Sam Foose's Project Design and Tom Roland's NACRA Catamaran. Design and set building for commercials in the Hollywood studio system. Designing business logos, album covers, T-Shirts, posters, ads for Festo Tools USA, including graphics and text. Granted patronage by Betty Williams, 1980-83, developed my 'paintings in space' series of painted metal sculptura fabrications and 'sports theme' paintings on canvas. From that time to the present, unburdened exploration of personal expression in painting and sculpture.